Elle Ayoubzadeh


Elle AyoubZadeh’s creative journey started in Shiraz, Iran, a city of poetry, flowers and art. She grew up in Dubai, at the crossroads of the old and new worlds, before moving to Nelson, New Zealand, a small coastal city known for art and natural beauty. Her love of global culture brought to her Sydney, where she started her career before she moved permanently to Toronto in 2007.

Elle’s global influences permeate her work. She frequently uses the Persian symbol for five (panj, representing the five cities that have influenced her) to create unique shapes and patterns. The influence of global architecture is evident in her silhouettes, where she combines bold, striking contours with playful, Eastern-inspired lines.

Design and craftsmanship are inseparable for Elle. She is meticulous in every aspect of her work, from custom-designing hardware charms to developing new laser-cut fabrics. As a global nomad herself, functionality is always important and her shoes are designed to fit the modern woman’s lifestyle. Elle is never afraid to cross boundaries to find outlets for her creativity.

Diversity is core to her values. She is always questioning norms and finding new sources of inspiration inside and outside of fashion. From international roots, Elle is writing Zvelle’s international story.




Our collections are not released for a specific season; they transcend seasons and go beyond borders. We design and create timeless styles that you can enjoy years from now. We value sustainability and ethical practices in all areas of our business, including manufacturing. We deeply value the personal relationships we have with every partner we work with and we are proud to support their communities.


Elle AyoubZadeh wanted to marry soulful creativity with a socially conscious business. Her passion for culture, design and craftsmanship led her to embark on a journey to design luxury shoes with the best Italian artisans in the world. Zvelle launched in July 2015. Elle's inspirations are global, multifaceted and outside the familiar fashion spectrum. Every style has a story and is named after a woman who embodies the spirit of Zvelle. Naturally, these stories are international and diverse.

Creating beautiful shoes has been and will always be a labor of love. We're committed to creating luxury products at inclusive price points.

We sell our collections at Zvelle.com as well as at exclusive pop-up boutiques.




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